Our Rooms

Our Discoverer’s room is registered for up to 18 children from birth to 1 with a staff to child ratio of 1:3. We have a highly qualified staff team whose priority is to work with parents to mirror home routine of each baby as closely as possible. Nappies, wipes and cow’s milk are included in our fees, however our parents are asked to supply formula or breast milk if they wish, to ensure continuity between home and nursery.

Our Discoverer’s room is a spacious but comforting environment with areas that support our children’s interests and development. We offer a quiet and secure sleeping area where babies can go to sleep in dream coracles, and a comfortable nursing area which is available for parents use throughout the day. Our babies also enjoy time outdoors exploring the garden or on outings in our local community.

Our Explorer’s room is the second of our baby rooms and is registered for up to 21 children aged between 12-24 months old with a 1:3 ratio.  When your child reaches our Explorer’s room they will be introduced to a wider breadth of activities which are balance between adult and child-led activities including painting, sand modelling and water play. We focus on physical and musical activities to give children creative scope to explore themselves and develop skills and individuality.

This room offers quieter areas which allow the children to take time out and relax within a safe and comfortable environment. Our Explorer’s room has access to our garden area and a number of times during the day we head outdoors for trips in our local area.

Our Adventurers Room is registered for up to 24 children from 2-3 years of age and provides a flexible routine with a much greater choice of learning opportunities for children.

Daily activities include play in construction, sand and water, “home corner” and “table top”. The children also have a fully stocked messy play room which encourages them to explore their senses, creativity and to spark an interest in baking & cooking.  Whilst in this room we also introduce early numeracy and literacy skills and activities designed to develop your child’s communication skills.

Holyrood Princes Dock is recognized as a pre-school centre by the Education department. We believe your child’s development between the ages of 3-5 years is crucial in forming their core development. We pride ourselves in creating an enabling environment in which we can promote a confident and independent move to school.

Children in this room have space to explore within our play library, classroom, science area and soft play centre. Inventors also have a large outdoor area which includes a pirate ship climbing area. We make regular trips to local museums, docks and art gallery’s using a walkodile child safety system. The child to staff ratio within our inventor’s room is 1:8.

We love to explore our outdoor environment here at Holyrood Princes Dock. We have a large outdoor play area which provides children with a safe and secure environment in which they can play freely and get fresh air. Our garden has a large pirate ship area with slides and steps which encourages the children’s physical development, and a well-equipped mud kitchen for messy play.

As well as having access to our large outdoor play area, children of all ages enjoy trips out into the local community whether it be visiting the famous Albert Dock or exploring one of Liverpool’s many museums. Our children are often out and about using our double buggies or walkodile safety system.