Persona Dolls day out in Liverpool !!

Persona Dolls day out into Liverpool City Centre

At Holyrood Princes Dock we have recently welcomed three new friends Eva, Ben and William to our nursery.

They are our special Persona Dolls which the children have named themselves and will have an input into the life of each of them.

The life-like Persona dolls have been introduced into the nursery to support and encourage the children to develop their confidence and abilities in discussing issues which matter to them.

The Dolls which have been proven to offer an effective, stimulating, non-threatening and enjoyable way to combat discrimination, foster emotional literacy, raise equality issues and empower children in the Early Years. The Dolls and their stories develop children’s ability to empathise, to appreciate that being kinds to peers and adults is important. They encourage them to stand up when they experience or witness
unfairness and prejudice. (, 2009)

The children and staff have already been having fun with their new friends Eva, Ben and William and recently took them sightseeing in Liverpool City Centre. The children helped to dress the dolls for the day out and enjoyed taking them to various Liverpool landmarks and Liverpool One Chavasse park. It was a great day and we took lots of pictures  for each of the Persona Dolls’s personal profile book’s.

 Each doll has their own book which includes a background to their life and images from the trips and activities which they have participated in with the children at nursery. The children are also encouraged to take the dolls home and involve them with their families in their weekend activities taking pictures and writing about what they have been doing in the dolls profile book.

We ask our parents support the children to involve the doll in the things that they are doing and spend time writing up their fun weekend.

Each book is then shared with all the other children back at the nursery encouraging a whole new platform of topics of discussion for the children. The nursery staff use sustained shared thinking to help the children develop their own thoughts and feel confident to share their emotions and feeling of how they felt when they spent time with the Persona Doll.

Take a look at our pictures of our day out in Liverpool!


Persona Dolls @ Holyrood Princes Dock

Persona Dolls @ Holyrood Princes Dock