Here at Holyrood Princes Dock we are delighted to offer

30 hours funding for 3 & 4 year olds.


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What's Included?

Dance Classes

E-Learning Journals

Holyrood Princes Dock offers high quality resources, activities and experiences which respond to children’s individual interests, needs and abilities. All children are encouraged to participate in all activities and experiences which help them learn social skills, build confidence and develop their skills. By offering this, we are ensuring that all children are ready for the next transition either to their new room, school nursery or reception.

Free Soft Play Centre

Our nursery is dedicated to providing a variety of learning opportunities for our pre-school children and so we offer FREE access to our Soft Play centre and Imagination Village. Learning is supported by the interactive use of smart boards which the children find stimulating and engaging and builds their ICT skills. We have staff who speak French and Spanish.

Healthy Meals

Our children are offered delicious, nutritious morning and afternoon snacks as well as a choice of hot lunches each day. All meals are home-cooked within our nursery by our nursery chef using fresh ingredients. Our chef has created a three week rolling menu which has been carefully planned, using NHS guidance, to encompass a healthy and well balanced diet. We ask our parents and children regularly for feedback on our meals and this is used to create new menus as often as possible.